Many of us become nervous while buying diamonds from online stores. This might be due to ignorance about diamonds or you might not have any clue about what aspects you need to check while buying them. Even comprehensive, scientific information about loose diamonds depicted in the form of symbols, numbers and ratings can confuse you. Do not worry, you are not alone. The details given below are aimed at making you knowledgeable about buying loose diamonds. All you need to do is to follow the instructions to make a correct choice.

First thing you should find out about loose diamonds is to check if they are certified or not and from which certifying agency. Out of all, GIA certification is considered as the best. With the certification in place Loose Diamonds¬†you can be very sure that the loose diamonds you are buying is genuine. The certificate lists out the quality of the stones and depending on their characteristics (clarity, cut, carat weight and color) prices are fixed. The next thing you need to do is to see the loose diamonds under a 10X jeweler’s loupe, provided you have the knowledge to hold the loupe in the right position, otherwise you can try seeing them under a powerful microscope. This is to ensure that they are void of blemishes, cracks or spots and also to make sure that they are priced properly.

Next is the color check. Colorless loose diamonds have magnificent sparkle and brilliance. No wonder they come with a hefty diamond price tag. Stones with color ratings from E to H are the most sought after ones while I to K are priced low. Clarity of the stones too carries importance. Normally, stones with no or less impurities or imperfections are highly priced. Diamond price also depends greatly on the stone’s carat size. The price is more for a big size stone and vice versa. Cut is another major price determinant factor as it is the one that makes these precious stones look brilliant. Depth and table percent and their numbers can be a maze for many. To make it more simple and understandable, simply look for stones having 60 percent table and depth. You are smart buyer if you buy diamonds from online store with laser inscriptions. These are the stones that carry the report number of the guarantee certification etched on them. You will be able to view the numbers only under a powerful microscope. Thus purchased loose diamonds are not only priced properly but also yield good price when sold.

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